A manufacturer of a wide variety of eyelet, rivet and grommet attaching machines

360 Reynolds Bridge Road
Thomaston, CT 06787
(860) 283-5821

Welcome to Edward Segal Inc.

COVID-19 Update

Edward Segal Inc. is OPEN for business during the coronavirus pandemic. Our company is deemed to be an essential business and we support a variety of essential industries.

We offer the following products to assist with the current crisis:

  1. Setting Tools for many types of eyelets, grommets, rivets and snap fasteners
  2. Machines to punch holes to assemble Face Shields
  3. Machines to attach Face Shields to a Strap
  4. Machines to install Grommets on Tent Structures

Please call our Office at 860-283-5821 from 8am until 5pm, or use the Contact Form after hours.


Edward Segal Inc. is the leading Made in the USA manufacturer of eyelet, grommet and rivet setting machines. In addition to the core product line of fastening machines, Edward Segal Inc. also designs and builds custom engineered automated assembly systems.

Founded in 1942, Edward Segal Inc.’s innovative approach to design and manufacturing has led to developing eyelet machines capable of simultaneously feeding and setting multiple eyelets. This cost saving concept was originally adopted by a major manufacturer of electrical components and is now being utilized in all forms of manufacturing including automotive, circuit boards, textiles, toys, electronics, tents, flags, banners, and a host of others.

If your manufacturing process involves the installation of eyelets, grommets or rivets, please take the time to contact us to learn how Edward Segal Inc.'s experience and products can help maximize your production efficiency.