A manufacturer of a wide variety of eyelet, rivet and grommet attaching machines

360 Reynolds Bridge Road
Thomaston, CT 06787
(860) 283-5821

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G2R Demo Video Download

Document: G2R83ADemo.wmv    (1.3meg)

G2R92 Oval Grommet Video

Document: G2R92_Oval_Grommet.flv    (3.9meg)

G2R92 Oval Grommet Video Download

Document: G2R92_Oval_Grommet.wmv    (1.5meg)

Demonstration video of a special G2R92 machine designed to feed and set Oval Grommets in Stainless Steel filter mesh materials.

Model 83 File Box Machine Video

Document: Model_83_File_Box_Machine.flv    (1.6meg)

Demonstration video of the Model 83 machine used to set tie buttons in storage boxes with prepunched holes.

Model 83 File Box Machine Video Download

Document: Model_83_File_Box_Machine.wmv    (714.6K)

Model P125-B Video

Document: Model_P125-B.flv    (3.3meg)

Demonstration video of the P125 Basic Riveter.

Model P125-B Video Download

Document: Model_P125-B.wmv    (1.4meg)

MP10 Demo Video

Document: MP10_Demo.avi    (4.0meg)

P250 2 position

Document: P250_2_position.flv    (984.4K)

Model P250 with special 2 position fixture. Key feature is that the operator only has to load the part 1-time. This minimizes handling time.

P250 2 position Video Download

Document: P250_2_position.wmv    (2.2meg)

P250-P Metal Piercing Demo

Document: P250-P_Piercing_Demo_1.wmv    (2.4meg)

P255-P with Air Operated Anvil Pin Video Download

Document: P255-P_with_Air_Operated_Anvil_Pin.wmv    (700.1K)

P255-P with Air_Operated Anvil Pin

Document: P255-P_with_Air_Operated_Anvil_Pin.flv    (1.8meg)

This video shows something intersting about the product

Powerset 2 Demo

Document: Powerset_2.mpg    (23.6meg)


Document: SF2.wmv    (2.2meg)

Model SF2 Snap Fastener Machine

Swatch Grommet

Document: G2R83_Swatch_Grommet_Jam_Job.wmv    (1.2meg)

G2R83 Machine used in Swatch Application

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